It’s more than a passion with Joey Olivieri. It’s about the beauty that nature has given us, and the majestic strength in the animals he photographs. Every photo has a story and every animal captured leaves you breathless. That is why he does it; for those who may never travel into the Rockies, the depths of Alaska, or sleep with grizzlies. These travels lead to that one breathtaking photo.

Joey began his passion for photography 25 years ago when he took a mandatory high school photography class. His chosen subject and the beautiful scenery of Waterton National Park in Alberta. After that, you can say the rest is history.

Through the years, Joey has traveled extensively throughout North America. His travels have taken him to Churchill, Manitoba to photograph the great white polar bears of the North, and through Alaska to capture the majestic Alaskan brown bear, Dall sheep, Caribou and Wolves. He has also taken a rafting trip on the Nahanni River in Northwest Territories, capturing the beautiful rugged scenery and wildlife that bask at its shores.

Today Joey resides in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Joey supports three conservation organizations through annual donations of his photography and is dedicated to preserving the habitat of his subjects. The National Park Service of Canada has also enlisted his services in taking photos of the Rocky Mountain Sheep for identification purpose. These photos are used in hopes of eradicating poachers.

Through his photography, it is Joey’s hope that more people will appreciate the beauty and magnificent animals that grace of our land.